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Yoan BlancTue, 31 May 2011, , ,

I’m doing this again, spending a summer working in the Alp with cows, cheese, alpine ibexes and everything that come with that. Because there is a balance with my other life I guess, because it brings a rythm I’m looking for. Some kind of peace.

After that, I’ll try to go back to school, doing a Master in Computer Science (because I have no choices in fact) in either the EPFL or the Universities of Bern, Neuchâtel and Fribourg. I see this as being an exit door to what I’m currently doing for a living and an opening door to a new world of opportunities which must not be related to the everywhere Internet.

Many people of my family or friends seem to not follow my moves and not understanding and seeing the meaning behind them. I can tell you, there is nothing particular I’m looking for except the thing I know the most, myself.

Going back to the Alp has a strong meaning, the work there is repetitive. You have to milk, do the cheese every single day no matter how you are, what the weather is or if something went wrong. You have to do it, working in rythm with the animals, the nature, the weather, everything surrounding you. It directs, inhibits my eager of discoveries, knowledge, questions, novelties, forcing me to focus on what matters. And what matters isn’t related to myself, it’s what matter for the whole, the bigger stuff I’m part of.

To be honest with you, working as a Freelance is a way to not be part of anything.

Now the studies, what’s hidden behind this. I’m only describing the idea I may have now which won’t be what it’s gonna bring while doing it. It’s again about going back to something, somewhere. Being humble enough to say, I don’t know shit and I need to be told because I’m ready to listen and learn, instead of pretending I know what I, in fact, ignore. Also, if we learned a lot at the engineering school the focus was really on practice and my theroritical basics as been missed. Sometimes I can feel that lack and it’s a gap that can be filed.

I had the opportunity to give some lessons at an engineering school and it might be something I could do in the future once I’ve learned how to be nice and to answer kindly to stupid and repetitive questions. They are days where I feel more like Linus than Richard when it comes to explaining something very simple to smart people. We need both of them but not everyone likes when you hurt their feelings.

And the most important thing, maybe is because I can. I don’t know how hard it will be but I know I can try without worring about money or people that would be affected by this. (Put here a little “forever alone” rage comic head)

You are who you are, nothing you do, own or make define you.

Retour à l’Alpage, pour la seconde année je vais passer un été au soleil, à quelques 1800 mètres d’altitude entre traite et fabrication de l’Étivaz AOC. Peut-être est-ce un moyen de trouver un équilibre dans cette folle vie que mon travail me fait mener. La suite devant être un retour aux bancs d’école pour y effectuer un Master.

Pour tout avouer, il n’y a pas forcément de but précis dans mes démarches, déplacement, changements, expériences si ce n’est de les vivre. J’entends encore une bonne copine me dire que seul le chemin compte vraiment. Je sais que ça travaille certains membres de ma famille, mais c’est important de laisser aller ce genre de choses.

Plus personnellement, et pour me contredire totalement, refaire du connu, se replonger dans de l’existant ne m’est pas chose aisée. L’excitation de la nouveauté est tellement forte, enivrante que seul l’aspect du rassurant car connu n’offre rien en comparaison. J’ai assez peu ce côté jusqu’au-boutiste, je trouve (et ça n’est qu’un point de vue). Ainsi par cette boucle, j’aspire à approndir cette capacité à prendre du plaisir dans le perfectionnement, se perfectionner plutôt que de butiner. Être entier plutôt que superficiel dans son travail, sa vie. Changer est si facile quand on a commencé, qu’il faut réapprendre une certaine stabilité.

Les maigres expériences d’enseignement que j’ai pû glâner ces deux dernières années m’ont plues et vont peut-être devenir une voie envisagable. Autant j’ai de l’amertûme par rapport à ce milieu autant m’y plonger permettra(it) de l’apprivoiser d’une certaine manière.

Et vous que faites vous ces 4 prochains mois ?


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